Spring at Rabbit & Raven Farms

The gloomy, cold weather in Reno today felt more like March than June. To cozy up, I thought I’d share some photos of warmer days on the dry farm this spring.
The color of this peach blossom was breathtaking:
peach blossom
Almond blossoms:
almond blossomsalmond blossoms
If you look closely, you can see the little almond baby (the white, fuzzy bit coming out of the blossom):
almond baby
And walnuts!
pistachio babies
If the wildlife can exercise any self-contol, we might have a chance at a good harvest this year. Here’s to warmer days ahead!
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A Proper Workbench

My gorgeous, new workbench is sitting in the garage waiting to move into the basement. The craftsmanship is lovely. Made in California, it’s simple, functional, sturdy, and built to last. I couldn’t wait to get it unpacked before sharing a photo.

jeweler’s workbench

I do all of my wax work at a “mini,” portable bench top (see it here). It’s practical for that purpose and I love where it sits, next to a window where I can watch the birds and get a little sun and fresh air.

The new bench is where all of the finishing work and fabrication will take place. For years I’ve been using a tall table that has unfortunately lost its functionality as a bench and will now be used as a packing/shipping station. This new bench comes at a great time because I’ve got plenty of pieces to finish.

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Introducing Rabbit & Raven Farms

I’m a part-time jewelry maker, sometimes runner, and once a month, a weekend farmer. When I visit my mom in southern Utah, I help my brother out at the family farm, which would just be a field of sagebrush and tumbleweed if it weren’t for his obsession with dryland farming.

grapes and almonds

Located just outside of Zion National Park, up the Dalton Wash Road outside of Virgin, Utah, we grow almonds, pistachios, grapes, watermelons and feed mostly deer, rabbits, and the occasional lucky human.


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Running in Utah’s Snow Canyon State Park

Here are a few photos of a run my sister and I did in Utah’s Snow Canyon State Park. Our mom lives in Ivis, Utah and from her front door to the Park’s entrance is nearly two miles on the dot. Lucky, right?

Snow Canyon State Park Trail

There’s a paved trail that runs through the park, which is imbedded with these little lizards, making it super easy to see how far you’ve gone. If you keep your head down looking for mile markers though, you’ll miss the spectacular scenery.

Trail Mile Marker

This is one of my favorite runs, for hopefully obvious reasons. The weather is perfect in every season except for summer (when it’s scorching hot) and the view is astonishing.

Snow Canyon State Park Paved Trail

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The Valentines are coming!

If you’re familiar with me and my work, you know that every year I create a special set of hearts for Valentine’s Day. The edition is always limited to 14 (for February 14th, which also happens to be my birthday) and each piece is created individually, so no two are alike.

This is the start of this year’s piece — a bracelet — the first in a series made up of pendants. I have some gorgeous rose quartz beads in mind to pair with them.

Valentine Waxes, step 1, 2012

I’ll share the progress as they’re made.

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