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Our First Product

Posted by Shannon Brown on
Our First Product

Lavender with French Green Clay was the first bar added to the Pipit & Finch line. It’s a classic combination that fits together perfectly. 

I love lavender. 

People in the neighborhood call ours “The Lavender House” because we grow so much of it. It’s perfect for an inferno strip because it thrives off of neglect and terrible soil. I started growing lavender to help the bees and it quickly became one of my favorite things in our yard. 

We’ve started distilling our own lavender oil to use at home or to give the cute little girl who comes by and tells me how much she loves our plants. This handy little contraption makes super easy work of it and distilling the oil will make your house smell like heaven. The oil used in our bars is specially formulated for soap and is not home-grown. 

Lavender essential oil has many benefits, including that it promotes relaxation and helps with anxiety. According to Medical News Today, it has antibacterial properties that are beneficial to preventing and healing acne. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory and it’s antimicrobial and antifungal. “Applying lavender oil topically may help heal wounds by stimulating collagen production” and “Evidence suggests that lavender oil may help reduce scarring by promoting tissue growth.” Wow. 

French green clay is another one of nature’s miracles. It absorbs impurities and excess oil to cleanse and exfoliate. Our clay comes from France and mined directly from the earth. It’s a 100% natural bio-organic material.

Our Lavender and French Green Clay bar is one of our best sellers and it’s a great bar to start out with if you’re not sure what else to try. 

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