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We believe soap shouldn’t sting

Pipit & Finch’s unembellished soap is made for people with sensitive skin, like me. I used to break out in hives every time I’d shower with commercial soaps and body washes. The bars I make transformed my skin from red and splotchy to soft, nourished, and healthy. I knew I had to share this magical blend with my fellow sensitive-skinned of the world. 

The entire collection is gentle on the skin—unembellished yet complex—delicately indulging the senses with luxury botanical oils to encourage a tangible self-care ritual that’s meant to be enjoyed daily. A little taste of the elusive wild, taking flight in your home.

Pipit & Finch was born in 2018 to embrace the free spirit of our natural world through the luxury cleansing experience of handcrafted soap. Formulated with an artisanal mentality, and without artificial fragrances and dyes, every nourishing bar is cured for no less than four weeks to ensure every bar of soap is lovingly made by our hands, directly to yours.

Meet the team

Unadorned soapsans the rosebuds and glitter

Hi, I’m Shannon, soap maker and founder of Pipit & Finch. And my pooch Harvey Milkbone is the lead olive oil tester and Chief Morale Officer. 

While there are a lot of natural soapmakers in the world, I think I offer something different in my simple, elegant approach. I’m known as a “plain bar” maker in the soap industry, which suits me just fine. I find a lot of beauty in minimalism and I try to bring that to my soap. 

So what exactly makes Pipit & Finch’s soap bars “plain bars”? They're made from a base of just four ingredients: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and shea butter. They’re impeccable in how they’re finished, and my packaging is clean and elevated. You won’t find any rosebuds or glitter in my soap.

Pipit & Finch products are meant to be enjoyed as a daily hint of luxury that transforms a familiar household product into a refreshingly distinctive experience; you’re not ‘just buying soap.’ You’re also buying a little piece of everyday magic, a tiny work of art from my hands to your home—or wherever the journey takes you.

Small, Hand-Cut Batches

Carefully handcrafted soaps cured for 4-6 weeks for optimal usage and longevity

All Natural Soap

Phthalate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free natural ingredients and essential oil fragrances

Sustainability First

Environmentally-conscious production and sustainable, plastic-free packaging

About the little birds that inspired our little company to take flight

The Pipit & Finch name was inspired by some of nature’s most delicate yet determined birds: the pipit and the finch. Although both petite in size, the pipit and finch are great in personality—which is exactly how we feel about our handmade soaps. Every time you open one of our soap boxes, it’s like a bird being uncaged. The name Pipit & Finch is also a fitting analogy for life: we hatch, we grow, we fly.