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How do I care for my Pipit & Finch soap? 

Pipit & Finch soap is meant to be used and enjoyed, not squirreled away in a lingerie drawer or linen closet. To get the most out of your soap, you’ll want to keep it as dry as possible. We recommend using one of our handcrafted soap dishes to drain water away from your soap.

Are your soaps vegan?
Yes! We care deeply about animals and never use any animal-derived ingredients.

Are your soaps tested on animals?
Our products are cruelty-free. None of the ingredients in our bars have been tested on animals.

Do you do custom orders?
Our soaps make great party favors! Please contact us at to discuss your upcoming event.

Do you charge sales tax?  
Items shipped within Nevada will be charged applicable sales tax. Taxes are calculated upon checkout according to shipping destination.

Can I change or cancel my order?
Any changes or cancellations to orders must be made before your order has shipped.  Please email

Wholesale Inquiries
Please email us at

Do you have a question that wasn’t covered here?
If so, please reach out to