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Escape to Nature with the Fir with Pine Rosin Soap Bar

Posted by Shannon Brown on
Escape to Nature with the Fir with Pine Rosin Soap Bar

Fir with pine rosin is our woodsiest soap bar.

As September comes to a close, I’ve found myself wanting to squeeze all of the enjoyment out of this time of year while I still can. Enjoying nature’s beauty is a fall staple, and there’s nothing quite like a camping getaway -- the beautiful nature hikes, relaxing in a hammock while reading a book, and making s'mores around a late night campfire.

This is the exact feeling I’ve reproduced in the Fir with pine rosin soap bar.

Whether you’re actually able to go out camping or not, this soap bar will certainly replicate the feeling.

This soap bar is soothing and relaxing. Not only does it smell great, but the interesting texture of the pine rosin makes the bar a treat for all of your senses.

The ingredients, as you’ll read below, reduce inflammation and irritation, and can even improve circulation.

All Pipit & Finch soaps are made with simple ingredients that combine to create refreshing scents for everyone. That being said, this soap bar is a particular favorite among the many of the men who buy Pipit & Finch soaps. So, if you’re trying to decide on a scent for the man in your life, look no further. But regardless of who you are, I think we could all use some of the serenity found in a forest… and we can use it every day. There’s never a bad time to ground and relax yourself, and I think that this bar can be a perfect assistant in helping you do just that.

The Stars of the Show (a.k.a the ingredients)

Juniper Essential Oil—spicy, woody, clean aroma; anti-inflammatory; beneficial for skin irritations

Juniper essential oil can be best described as giving off a piney scent, with hints of fruitiness and pepperiness. It adds maturity and complexity to the blend of smells in this soap bar, creating a remarkably fresh impression. The smell is bracing and slightly spicy, but it also contains currents of woodiness that make it a perfect addition to the blend of oils in this soap.

Juniper essential oil boasts many benefits. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are well known, and it is effective in reducing cramps and improving blood circulation. This increase in circulation can relieve swelling and even fight arthritis!

Juniper refers to a category of 60 to 70 species of trees and shrubs found all throughout the northern hemisphere. The plant has a long history -- like, thousands of years long -- of being used for antiseptic and anti-arthritis purposes.

Fir Essential Oil—clean, evergreen aroma; beneficial for circulation

The namesake of this soap bar, fir, is sweet, rich, and very grounding. Fir essential oil is sure to bring to mind a thick forest with its woody and earthy scent. It’s basically nostalgia and comfort exemplified, whether your memories are from camping trips or Christmas tree farms (which also means you can’t go wrong with this bar during winter!).

Fir essential oil is commonly used to fight infections and sore throats, to relieve muscle soreness and arthritis, and even to lower pain. The woodsy scent is very refreshing and can reduce fatigue. And, due to the antiseptic properties of fir essential oil, it is known to help prevent infections.

I love the calming effect of this oil when used in our soaps. This bar is just the ticket when you’re overworked, tired, or stressed. It’s like going on a refreshing camping retreat without ever leaving your bathroom.

Cedarwood Essential Oil—grounding, woodsy aroma; anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties

Cedarwood essential oil is fantastic. It has so many benefits that I’ll just list a few here: acne treatment, stress and anxiety relief, pain relief, improvement of sleep, and more. In the fir with pine rosin bar, this essential oil strengthens and adds complexity to the forest-y scent.

Pine Rosin—antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties; provides a pleasant texture in the soap

If you played (or play, in which case, impressive) a string instrument, you’re likely familiar with rosin. It’s a solid material derived from pine trees, and has a ton of uses. In addition to the lovely piney smell it has, the rosin is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, which can help ease pain.

I love to add interesting textures into my soaps whenever possible, because doing so makes for a more fun and well-rounded experience -- and why should your soap be boring? That’s the purpose of the pine rosin in this soap. Its unique texture makes this bar unlike any you’ve tried before, and an absolute treat to use.

Lavender Essential Oil—fresh, floral scent; promotes relaxation

The final essential oil, lavender, is used to perfectly balance out the woody-ness of the other oils. This essential oil is possibly one of the most famous, and for good reason. It is fresh, adds a subtle sweetness, and above all, is relaxing. Without lavender, this soap bar may have smelled overwhelmingly like a forest. However, the lavender contributes a subtle and unique fresh, slightly floral, scent that keeps this bar from being too one note. Besides its use in the blend of scents, lavender essential oil is amazing at treating anxiety, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and far more. Lavender essential oil is the king of de-stressors… and couldn’t we all use a little de-stressing in our lives?

The Base

Here's a quick reminder that the base of all Pipit & Finch soaps is always natural and consists of only four ingredients. Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil work in perfect harmony to gently clean the skin while also providing extraordinary amounts of hydration. It’s… basically the best. Especially if you have sensitive or dry skin (or just don’t want to put creepy chemicals all over your body)! These ingredients are a  huge reason why your skin loves Pipit & Finch soaps so much!

This soap bar is, summed up, grounding, calming, and comforting. I hope you’ll give it a try the next time you want to escape the grind of civilization, because it really will transport you to a forest getaway.

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