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Wake up with Eucalyptus & Mint, a Soap that Energizes!

Posted by Shannon Brown on
Wake up with Eucalyptus & Mint, a Soap that Energizes!

If these recent warm fall temperatures have left you feeling in need of refreshment, then I have the perfect soap to introduce you to today. My newest bar, Eucalyptus & Mint, is refreshing, energizing, and -- thanks to the mint -- cooling! This bar is an absolute delight to smell – it’s soothing and calm, making it a perfect fit for everyone, and universally appealing. One deep breath will open your sinuses and get you ready to start your day.

The Ingredients

Eucalyptus Essential Oil—minty, camphorous scent; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties

Eucalyptus essential oil is a universally loved ingredient. This oil can be used medicinally to treat ailments ranging from congestion to arthritis. And did you know that another ingredient derived from the eucalyptus plant -- eucalyptol -- is used in many cold remedies and mouth washes? This plant is pretty amazing, and its benefits explain why it is so effective and widely used.

Eucalyptus has a complex smell. It is initially sharp, and very similar to mint. However, the subtle notes of citrus, wood, and honey add a lot of depth to this scent. A deep breath of this essential oil can do wonders to clear your sinuses, and it also has strong anti-bacterial properties.

Overall, this oil contributes to the deep cleanse our soap bars give, while lending additional moisture, sinus and inflammation relief, and a heavenly fresh and clean smell. 

Peppermint Essential Oil—intense minty scent; natural cleanser; antiseptic and antibacterial properties

Peppermint essential oil is a cleaning powerhouse. You’d be hard pressed to find an oil that leaves you feeling more fresh or invigorated. This oil produces a strong minty scent; one that we associate with coolness and cleanliness, making it a perfect addition to your shower routine!

Aside from giving off the familiar smell and feeling of mint, peppermint essential oil can provide relief from itching, muscle pain, headaches, digestive issues, and even the common cold!

Not only does peppermint essential oil smell like the epitome of cleanliness, but it boasts antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties that should reduce your skin’s irritation and leave you feeling great! 

Tea Tree Essential Oil—fresh, camphorous scent; calms redness, swelling, and inflammation; anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties

Tea Tree oil is known as a holy grail for reducing irritations on the skin like acne and bug bites. Its calming effect on the skin reduces inflammation and other skin infections.

When used in this soap bar, the tea tree essential oil boosts the bright, fresh scent of eucalyptus, and provides a host of skin-soothing benefits. Tea tree oil can also reduce redness of the skin, leaving you looking as cool as the Eucalyptus & Mint soap bar will have you feeling.

Spearmint Essential Oil—minty, fresh scent; antiseptic properties

The inclusion of spearmint in the Eucalyptus & Mint bar completes the quartet of essential oils that combine to create a minty fresh smell that will invigorate you, clear your sinuses, and leave you ready to tackle the day -- or night -- ahead.

Spearmint is a gentle oil, ideal for the more sensitive skinned among us (hi, me too!). It can provide relief for a variety of issues, from nausea and headaches to cold symptoms. Spearmint essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and its minty scent can have a stimulating effect… perfect for waking up in the morning!

Biodegradable Jojoba Beads—provides moderate exfoliation

I try to include exfoliating elements in many of my bars, which improves both their moisturizing capabilities and their texture. The jojoba beads in the Eucalyptus & Mint bar are a prime example! Jojoba beads are formed when jojoba oil is hardened into a wax ball. As opposed to the microbeads made of plastic that are often found in skincare products, jojoba beads are biodegradable and more gentle, making them the friendly choice for both you and the environment! 

I love the fun texture these beads add to the soap bar. You can really feel them exfoliating and deeply cleaning your skin as you use them! This fact, in combination with the environmentally friendly biodegradable nature, makes jojoba beads an incredible addition to the Eucalyptus & Mint soap bar.

The Base!

I would be remiss to not mention our soap base. I’m extremely proud of this all-natural base that is at the heart of every bar. It’s designed and handcrafted specifically to cleanse and moisturize your skin without any unnatural or toxic additives. All Pipit & Finch soaps begin with a base made of just olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. 

Pipit & Finch is all about keeping it simple; specifically, how keeping things simple can be the best and most luxurious thing you can do for yourself. Taking care of the largest organ on your body is of the utmost importance -- we all deserve to give ourselves health and luxury whenever we can.

Protecting the moisture barrier of your skin is one of the best (and easiest!) ways to reduce irritation, protect the skin from dehydration, and seal in electrolytes and water.

Pipit & Finch soaps are made of gentle and nourishing ingredients that actively moisturize, rather than stripping away the hydration essential to your skin’s health. The simple wholesomeness of our soap goes to show that you don’t need unpronounceable ingredients to improve the well-being of your skin -- you just need to find the tried and true products that won’t ever let you down.

A Quick Word on Exfoliation

Our bodies are constantly generating new skin cells to replace the old. Unfortunately, a layer of those old skin cells often remain on our bodies when we have no way of removing them.

Forgoing exfoliation can leave you with clogged pores and irritation as the dead skin cells continue to build up. It’s a simple step to add to your routine, but one that can produce amazing results!

However, be careful not to over-exfoliate, which can lead to dryness and irritation. 

Because exfoliation can provide so many benefits, I love to add textured ingredients to my soap bars. The Jojoba beads in the Eucalyptus & Mint bar are a perfect example of an addition to your daily skin care that will gently remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating can also improve the moisture absorption of the skin by removing the barrier of dead skin cells.


As always, thank you for reading, and especially for enjoying Pipit & Finch products!

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