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Focus on Ingredients: Coconut Oil

Posted by Shannon Brown on
Focus on Ingredients: Coconut Oil

Hey there! I hope you’re all hanging in there during this super strange time in the world. 

Up next in our list of ingredients is the powerhouse coconut oil. Coconut oil is the second most prominent ingredient in our soap and that’s because it’s amazing for your skin and makes a gorgeous, long-lasting bar. 

Coconut oil:

  1. Has excellent cleansing properties

  2. Is moisturizing

  3. Is rich in antioxidants

  4. Has antimicrobial properties and can protect skin from bacteria that causes acne

  5. Reduces inflammation

  6. Can help heal wounds

  7. And according to Antoni from Queer Eye, you can use it on your hands to remove odors after handling smelly things like garlic and onions.  

In soap, coconut oil is what makes the luxurious bubbles/lather. It also helps to create a hard bar that lasts a long time (as long as you keep it dry!). 

Aside from our soap, one of my favorite coconut-centered products is The Beauty Chef’s Flora Fix Balm which includes bio-fermented coconut “to intensely moisturize, smooth fine lines and hydrate lips.” I use this whenever I’ve made the mistake of popping a pimple to help my face heal faster. And when I need an extra boost of hydration, I’ll apply it all over my face and neck right before bed. 

Interested in learning more about coconut oil? Healthline has a list of 29 Clever Uses for Coconut Oil, which includes everything from making healthy mayo to insect repellents. Have you tried oil pulling? I’ve always been curious, but can’t quite bring myself to try it. 

p.s. Like any responsible coconut oil enthusiast, I have to provide a disclaimer: Pipit & Finch doesn’t make any claims to treat or cure skin conditions.

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