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Focus on Ingredients: Olive Oil

Posted by Shannon Brown on
Focus on Ingredients: Olive Oil

My favorite meal and guilty pleasure is Roy Chio’s Pasta Aglio e Olio. In the winter, it’s our go-to Sunday night dinner, made with Will’s homemade pasta. It’s a bowl of heaven — pasta drenched in garlic and olive oil. Served with heavily buttered bread and a big ol’ glass of wine, it’ll make you feel more satisfied than just about anything. I also call it “immunity pasta” because that much garlic just has to do your immune system some good. Get the recipe at Food & Wine’s website.

Olive oil isn’t just great for your tummy, it’s also incredible for your skin. It’s the predominant ingredient in all of our soaps and that’s because it’s so darn good for you.

Olive oil:  

  1. Is an antioxidant and when used on the skin may prevent early signs of aging

  2. Is antibacterial

  3. Has anti-inflammatory properties

  4. Is mild and gentle and is perfect for people with very dry and/or sensitive skin

  5. Moisturizes your skin without clogging its pores

  6. Protects the skin by balancing moisture levels

  7. Contains vitamins A and E, which promote collagen production

  8. Is — most importantly — 100% natural

One of my favorite cleansers for the super sensitive skin on my face is DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil , which is mostly olive oil. Used as a first wash, I always follow it up with the cleanser I’ve used since I was 12, Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser

We keep a bottle of olive oil in the shower to put on our skin right after showering. After your shower, pat yourself dry with a towel, pour a little (seriously, just a little) olive oil in your hands, and press it into your skin. The vitamin E, contained in olive oil is a natural moisturizer. According to Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, “It also promotes collagen production, which helps reduce the appearance of scars while keeping your skin looking young.”

We use Olive Oil Refined A in our soap. Our supplier says, “Olive Oil Refined A is the third cold pressing from the fruit of the olive, not the kernel or pit. It is then refined. No solvents are used in this process.”

Do your body and your skin some good and feed it olive oil every day!  

p.s. Like any responsible olive oil pusher, I have to provide a disclaimer: Pipit & Finch doesn’t make any claims to treat or cure skin conditions.

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