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Taking Care

Posted by Shannon Brown on
Taking Care

I’ve been self-caring hard during this pandemic and I hope you have been too. With the extra time at home, it’s been nice to indulge in things I don’t normally take the time for. Off and on, these are the things I enjoy doing for myself.

An Extra 10 Minutes in Bed

After I wake up, I spend 5-10 minutes in bed thinking about all of the things I’m grateful for. I keep my eyes closed and really feel thankfulness in my heart. This little gratitude practice sets me off on the right foot for the day. 

Morning Walk

Harvey Milkbone and I have a ritual morning walk. We never miss it. No matter what. I take that time to clear my head and enjoy the time outside with my happy, little guy.


Even though my morning walk gets my heart pumping, I like to add in a harder workout. 

I have a Bellicon rebounder that I love. (Think mini-trampoline.) It’s a fun way to get a good workout in a short amount of time that's friendly on your joints. Plus, it’s kind of goofy and makes me happy. I’m a two-time marathon finisher who loves running, but because of health issues, have turned to rebounding. I have the 44” frame with foldable legs. A subscription to Bellicon Home gives you access to a library of videos and it’s only $10 a month. I’m a fan of Jeremy S’s workouts because he’s upbeat and positive.  

When I’m feeling really brave, I do Lori Harder’s Body + Soul program. I came across Lori Harder through an Impact Theory interview a few months ago and was an instant fan. What I love about Body + Soul is that it’s so positive. Lori will kick your butt, but she sandwiches it with uplifting messages so you don't even notice how much you're suffering. You’ll feel like a total badass after finishing one of her workouts. 

Dry Brushing 

Before I shower, I do a quick dry brushing to increase circulation, remove dead skin, and, optimistically, reduce cellulite. Our brushes from Iris Hantverk, made by blind craftsmen in Sweden and Estonia are perfect for this job. This only takes a minute or two and it’s super satisfying. For a decent dry brushing tutorial, check out this video



You know I can't help but mention how important it is to incorporate clean, natural products into our daily lives. One of my goals in starting Pipit & Finch was to give people something special they could enjoy every day -- an accessible luxury, something to look forward to. Make your shower or bath a  treat by using great products, like Pipit & Finch soap.     


Gua Sha

I’d been curious about gua sha for a long time and finally decided to give it a try. I purchased the Empress Collection from Wildling, which comes with the Empress Stone, Empress Tonic, and Empress Oil. On my first use, I dropped the stone (they’re slippery when covered in oil) on my tile floor. The tile is fine, but the stone suffered a little damage. Thankfully, I can still use it and it still feels as nice as it did before it met the tile floor. According to Wildling, 

The Empress Stone is a facial gua sha tool designed to sculpt and reinvigorate the skin. Unlike other gua sha stones typically made from quartz, the Empress is composed of Bian stone, an amalgamate of 40+ minerals known for their healing properties. Each edge of the tool is intentionally architected to enhance the practice of facial gua sha, which is a traditional Chinese beauty practice.”

This stone is beautiful and combined with the oil, you really feel like an empress using it. I’ve tried a few face oils, including the famous and expensive Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum and I have to say Wildling’s is my favorite. It smells like my idea of heaven and I really believe it does what it claims to, “helping to increase circulation, plump, and tone the skin.”

I like to do one side of my face so I can compare it to the other side to see that gua sha really works. It’s kind of amazing the difference it makes. Aside from how it improves my skin and tone, it just feels really good. 

Follow @wildling_beauty on Instagram for excellent tutorial videos and get your self-care on!


I learned Transcendental Meditation from Stephen Jacobs about four years ago and think it’s amazing and potentially life-changing, but I honestly have a difficult time fitting it into my routine. When I do it consistently, I’m thrilled with myself and feel amazing. So why don’t I do it every day? I dunno. I’m working on it.  


I loooooovvvveeee sugar and carbs and cheese and processed foods, and beans and rice, and nightshades, but I know these foods aren't great for me and I want to improve. What better time to work on this than when I’m basically at home 23 hours a day? I have a health condition and from everything I’ve been reading, should follow an AIP (Auto-Immune Protocol) diet. I hadn’t had a burger or chicken in at least 30 years, and had been a strict vegetarian for the last 16 years. I even spent two years as a dead-set vegan. After a ton of research, I’ve started to incorporate meat and eggs back into my diet. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been cooking from Seamus Mullen’s Real Food Heals and have felt better than ever. I’m also trying to fast from dinner to lunch (about 16 hours), having only tea (no sugar or milk) in the morning, but let’s be honest, when Will says he’s cooking breakfast, I’m gonna enjoy some breakfast.

Positive + Growth Mindset

I’ve been learning more and more about a growth mindset, thanks to Carol Dwek and Impact Theory and have made it a priority to focus on growth and learning every day. This is something I would have rolled my eyes at five years ago, but having a positive mindset really influences how I feel. And I’d rather feel happy and powerful than roll my eyes and something I don't understand. 


If you know me or have followed along on Instagram, you know I’m a nut for flowers and I love to garden. It’s therapeutic for my mind and body and the hard work has the most beautiful and delicious rewards.  

I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy during this super strange time in the world. Take good care.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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